Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Home Education

So the end of the school year has finally been here and gone.
We are now in the middle of the first week of school holidays that will last for six weeks.
Next year things are going to be different.
Next year we are starting Home Education.
Why Home Education? Because of the children's problems with school, and their learning problems.
In our state kids are suppose to do an accelerated learning at a level higher than that of the state schools and private schools.
Frankly this is discrimination.
I am allowed to do an IEP but I've had to get supporting info about the children's learning problems.
Not to hard since they're made the so called safety net that was suppose to pick up kids that were struggling in order to get the extra assistance they needed.
It's a shame that its not been followed through despite the funding being given.
The school has tried yet again to stop me from doing Home Education.
I'm armed with a tonn of information and legal papers this time , so they're not going to win.
The school reason for complaining about a child they can't stand or handle?


I found out that my II child is worth up to AU$10000/yr to the school and the other one that's getting very little assistance is worth AU$1700/yr.
The average state school only gets AU$500/yr/student.

It is a little daunting starting up. The more I think of all the different ways to do HE, research more info about the different types and ways of study that are being used by different people, the easier it gets.
Home educating kids with II and ADHD is not the most ideal situation, but from what I've learnt and seen from what has happened to the school system, it's going to be better in the long term.

I will be taking a child that's suppose to be in grade 5 and teaching him parts of the alphabet he doesn't know.
How does a child get to grade 5 without a teacher noticing he lacks full understanding of the ABC, phonetics and spelling, lack of knowledge of sight words and not understanding the core fundamentals of maths!!
No wonder the poor child is struggling to read and write.
This child has been labeled lazy!!
I have discovered he lacks memory skills, auditory and some visual perception as well as a possibility of left ear dominancy.
Left ear dominancy on its own will make a child loose around 30% of the info via the cerebellum before it gets to the right hand side of the brain where the info can be interpreted.
He needs a tailored made IEP and one on one, not told he is lazy!
I have estimated that it will take around two years for this child to catch up to his peers, provided he has medical intervention to help him concentrate with study.
We are also implementing strategies for him to cope when he is stressed from the work being a little to much or difficult. At school he has learnt that he can't get the assistance he needs, gets stressed and ruins his school books. He has been sent to the office and punished a few times for this behavior.

The II child has already got a plan set out for his education so we are going to adjust it to suit home ed.

The third child is a little behind in 2 areas but with one on one I would not be surprised if he ends up with a B in most subjects by the end of the year. Lets see how they will go.

The studies will be done in groups for unit studies, then modified to their yr level for work and ability.

Their sister will be joining them twice a week for preschool and their little brother for kindy.
The rest of the time they will be in prep and kindy at a private education centre, so I can spend one on one with each of the boys.
When they are a little older they will join in fully.

I wonder what that will be like?

I am a head of committee to a matter close to heart as well and starting up an home based business to help feed us.
I am required to work as well, so its going to be interesting for a while.

Well I've got to go now, work to do.

Yippy it's christmas!

I can't believe it! It's already christmas!
It's time to be with your family and have fun....
Go on holidays....
See your friends and party!
Hmm...Some how I don't think that will include me!
Why? Because I'm staying home for christmas to be with my little family like I do every year.
It would be nice to see my other family but I can't get contact with them because of my mother!
Family means so much to me, I love it and miss it ( except my own--I'm with them all the time).
Maybe one day....
Time to finnish the christmas shopping and helping in the mean time.
Have a great christmas and don't drink and drive!

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

large families plus

I've been hard at it.
Still along way to go...but part way there already.
Please check out this site I am working hard on this.

It's a group designed from ppl like me to ppl like you.
As we all have a common goal and interest.
There are discussion boards web pages you name it.
We are going to make it bigger and better, and I need you to help us achieve this goal.
Ideas are always welcome at large families it be about multicultural issues, time out, home education, blended families you name it, we ant to here from you the reader.
It is not just my site its our site and together we will make it.
We are developing a kids page too.
Hope to see you there and give us all the support you can please as this is non profit.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Problems with the school system

There is nothing like working with children with disabilities.
I love it very much, as trying as it can be.

Ben is still having huge problems with his ADHD, ODD, and CD type behaviours.
I have been trying for quiet some time to get some-one of their butt and officially diagnose him.
Like Sam, they seem to have put him in the too hard basket and are not willing to do anything about it.
The sad part is that if he was in a foster care system he would have been diagnosed a long time ago.
He told me this morning that his teacher has been calling him lazy.
I have taken the behaviour and learning issues up with the teachers and principal, including the guidance officer at the school, only to be ignored.
They have blatantly told me they are not going to bother to help him.
At his old school down south he was getting intensive assistance via the SEU unit and speech therapy.
This has been taken away from him without further testing. I had to arrange all the testings for him and independent reviews, which they are still putting on the back burner.
The school has been getting government grants to give him intensive assistance. All he has got so far is a little bit of reading help.
His reading is at yr 2-3 while he is in grade 4 about to go to grade 5.
The grants include the safety net grant and reading program grant so why aren't they implementing it?
They get AU$500/school yr for him + $700 for the voucher safety net + I think it was $400 they said for the reading program Give or take.
All his subjects all yr he has been averaging between D-F with a lot of E's.
I ask him regularly if he is getting help, and have been told it's only occasionally that he gets it.

Sam has had similar issues with his learning disability at school as well.
Although he now gets some help, and is finally on medication, he spends a large amount of the school yr trying to settle into the school system.
This quiet often has been very dangerous to his safety at school.
Under the legislation all school are suppose provide a safe environment for all children.
When they are unable to meet this they are suppose to take appropriate steps to achieve this. This is not always able to be done, in which another method is suppose be sort for and implemented.
This included one on one assistance with the student and/ or possible inclusion to the SEU unit if not fully.
In our area they no longer have an SEU unit able to take full time students in SEU for their safety.
You have to be, if I remember rightly, level 4-6.
There is only one place in town that can take that level and it is full, like all centres across the state.
This is due to a major lack of funding in our state school and SEU system with 75% of the Federal Government funding going to private schools.

This means for the children they are going to keep getting further behind at school and have a very high chance of dropping out of school, as well as high risk of low self esteem, poverty, possible homelessness, joblessness, difficulty with relationships and integrating into society including a possibility of turning to crime.

As a parent, I refuse to sit back and be told that this situation is OK, and I'll be damned if I will let it happen.
It is my right and my duty to do all that is possible to help these kids achieve the best they can in life.
It has now come point where after much research and consideration, I will be taking the children from the state school system in preference of IEP (Individual Education Plan) from home.
This by no means is going easy, especially for Ben.
Sam however should perform better as he wont be thrown out of whack every time school holidays come around or his teacher is away.
This will also improve his safety, and give them both the one on one assistance that they need.
I hope to have them both catch up to their peers as close as possible and to their ability by the end of the yr with possibility two yrs to be on the safe side with Sam.

Three weeks ago I was talking on the phone to a supervisor from the head office and discovered that Sam is suppose to be in full time SEU for his safety.
This only reconfirmed for me the urgent need to start home Education.
Let us hope he makes it through the last few weeks of school OK while I prepare the paper work.
I tried to do this last yr but was told by the school it was illegal and that I had no other choice but for him to attend that school. I was also told that if I didn't send him there that I would have him taken off me by the dept. All for trying to protect his life as required by law.

No-one ever said hey this situation is not working why don't you give him home education like most other parents with disabled kids, and kids who live out west!

No I'm afraid they have had 4yrs to prove themselves with Ben,and Sam who has a right to be and feel safe.
Next year we will open that big scary door to home education for their sakes.
This by no means is a little decision. I have had to give up work for this.
I am a single parent and need to be able to work, but some times you have to draw a line as to what is more important.
I do hope to be able to start up a home business to try to generate income. Who knows, the kids may be able to learn how to manage it in future too.
That will help them in the future with work opportunities, as they will learn business skills.

So here's to a new path in learning and future opportunities!

Friday, October 05, 2007

School holidays

"Mum, mum....guess what mum? We have school holidays!"
"Mum, Mum...can we please go to see the movies....please...please, please mum...mum can we go?"

Does any of this sound familiar to you? Don't worry if it does, you have the comfort of knowing every other parent in the world are experiencing the exact same phenomenon.

For us its nearly over and we have managed to go through most of in unscaithed (not counting the few cat fights amongst the boys as usual).

The holidays have been pretty much flying past, and I have discovered the kids love print outs of school work sheets to do, then recycle those sheets to make crafts.
We have been learning about plants, how a plant lives and grows.
The children and myself have been planting diferent types of trees and flowers.
Every week if they were good they got to buy a plant to the value of their pocket money each.
They then plant it with my help and have to look after the plant every day.
So far they have brought a few fruit trees, Shrubs, flowers and a passion fruit vine.
This week as part of their studies on plants they have planted vegetable seeds and flower seeds.
Every day they will tend to them to see how they grow.
Another part of this learning is to talk about diferent types of food, where that food comes from and what type of food it is.
The kids loved preparing the food as they discused were it was from, then getting to eat it the most.
I can't wait until the plants are big enough to eat.

This is the last week of school holidays and as of monday it is officially school time again.
Yeay fun...these guys are soo not going to want to go.
I hate to admit it but I'm going to miss them.

Antonio is in the process of learning to sleep in a bed.
He is doing very well so far, but I'm not overly suprised as he usually is so willing to sleep anywhere. More so when he has people around him.
He has fallen out a few times but I have learnt along time ago that you either put the mattress on the floor or you put a second one down there so when they do fall they don't hurt themselves to badly. I don't trust added barriers unless its an approved feature of the bed.
If all else fails you can always buy a trundle bed, which you will always find more than one use for.
Trundles are one of those things you can never do with out, if not for your kids then for visitors.

I'm in the middle of working on a new biz. I'm hoping all will go good.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

So here we go again...Got lost for awhile actually...

Don't ever misplace your account details. Thank godness google have added a new service for misplaced codes (the best 1 I've seen in a long time).

Birthdays, birthdays, birthdays....there have been plenty of birthdays since I was last able to log in.

Lets see...

Bens is still coming, so is Sams. Rose is now 4 and started prep yr ( preschool) the same day ( lucky girl gets to do it again next yr). Josh is now 6 and Antonio has finally made it to 2...Yippy!!!

Its official...ben has glasses (maybe now he will be able to read the board and do his school work). He is still struggling with school big time! Very low in his grades ( even in classes he does very well in at home!!) So I say, "Ben whats going on mate? This is something you do excellent at home all the time. whats happening in class?" He then tells me he can't concertrate and keeps talking to his friend in class instead! Go figure.

Sammy poor ol' Sammy...what are we gonna do with him?
Many child specialist later, tests and trials, speach therapists, occupational therapists and behavoral team managment sessions and we are finally starting to see some progress.
The new medications are working beautifully and for the first time he is starting to be able to join in class to do school work and learn something ( big clap for sammy!).
Don't ever judge a parent for using medication please.. Your good intentions could end up harming the childs safety.
I have watched my son go through hell, hit himself in the head, try to kill himself, shove paper and plastic down his throat, escape and run down the road in front of cars and out of the school grounds near major roads that are 80km zones (thats just the start). The knives 1 was just as scarey...
His very impulsive and has ADHD type behavior with Interlectual Impairment level 2.
Alot of people find this hard to deal with or accept. He gets kicked out of centres and finds it hard to do the normal community things kids get to do as they go through school due to lack of support or a willingness to understand.
Trust me the medication isn't for my own wants...It's to save his life!!
When you have to look after any kind of child with these kind of problems or worse you will understand.
Hope he continues to do well....Keep it up Sam. We love you!

Rose is doing beautifully. She has many friends at day care and is fitting in well at prep.
For her birthday (and her brothers) they all got a little party. There was glow in the dark sticks that they made necklaces out of and yo-yos... lots of healthy snack and some special treats.
We love rasberry spiders ( soft drink n icecream).
Sam thought it would be great to bite a bright yellow glow in the dark and it leaked all over his bed (It"s a wonder that it never burnt him).

Joshs' birthday was a few days before hand they did a simlar thing for his birthday...It was a blast.
He loves going to school and can't wait to go to the police and citizens youth club after school.
He is getting quite a computer navigating buff I might say...If only he stopped filling it with tracking cookies...we can hope!

Antonio has finally started throwing tamper tamptrams....hahaha
The grief kids put parents through...
We love 'em! If we didn't we wouldn't put up with it!
Besides we only have to put up with it 'til they mature some time between 16 and 32.
His birthday was last mth. Nice day...Don't give kids chocolate mud cake in the evening after work when your tired!! Trust me for some reason they go hypo ( best left to days on weekends when it doesn't matter).

It's my birthday and I'm set on having fun!
Oh yeah....It's good to let your hair down (even if it is extreamy rare).
I managed to actually find someone who is actually able to look after a large group of kids and keep thier cool as well as come home to a clean house (the way I left it)!
Darl you are a saint!!
Look forward to seeing you again.
It was a good night and enjoyed very much.
That now makes me 28.

Suffered a hip injury at work a few months back. It's still healing but getting there.
Driving taxis can be interesting I must say.
Doing a bit of anything that goes with the cars at the moment.
I hope to get back onto WAVs full time again soon.
I'm thinking of the idea of leasing a taxi so I can earn a more stable income in a way that will be more flexible for my kids, expecially for Sam.
I have been looking at a few ideas for awhile now but still on no go zones.
Lets see how we go.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Long time no see.
Man I love this place. A space all to myself. The only one in this house as a matter of fact.
Its great....
Then I get this rude awakening!!!
Believe me when you here it. They are about to take our space. Yes the only one dedicated to normal people like you and I. The only place where we can truly express ourselves and guess whose getting it?
Try the pollititions and Celebes that own every other dammed page on the internet that is not owned by a business.
I cant believe with all the pages that they have that they could actually be serious about taking our space.
Not cool...

Its like this adsence I have to pay double tax to use it cause I'm a foriener they made me sign this form to say that it can be sent overseas. But now they refuse to pay because I'm a foriener.
I have one thing to say to those bureaucrats!!!
Don't come to Australia!!!!!!
We pay the taxes of the Americans when they come here. We pay double tax to go to America cause we have to pay for their free tax ride. Then we also get double tax again for your imports to our country while they don't pay for it to go out. The worse bit is that they have bullied us till nearly all our au companies are owned by them. So the money keeps leaving this country.
Where does that money go to you ask. To a Swiss bank account for the USA company directors and there big mansions.
And now they tell me that I cant get a little bit of that back because I'm not from USA. Despite the fact that I still have to pay 70% tax on that!!!
Come on give the little bloke a fair go. Would you like us to withdraw our SAS troops that have been doing all the hard work for you against our will. Man that would sux. Its well known without our troops you don't stand a hope in hell.

And just for the record I'm not racist. I'm a very multicultural person with a very unique backgound.
Something a lot of Americans would be able to relate to.


School has started again. For me that means less money spent on day care for the kids it means, and I quote.... " I don't want to go to school. But mum! I don't want to go...." Followed by the bathroom door being locked. Bit like when they get on there back like a cockroach that has just been sprayed and is dying. Kicking the legs and screaming because they cant get there own way.
Why is that?? I stand there in absolute amazement when they do that. Don't get it.
Neither do they though apparently because if they did they would make themselves look so foolish. Its not going to achieve anything right? Because we don't give in.

Sam has been having a terrible time with his disability at the moment. They need a carer for him at school but they are not willing to give him one and they don't have the funding. We have a major shortage in the public school system with the government privatized everything.
Not good... He was nearly expelled because he cant handle school.
This makes it very hard not having a partner anymore and no family. I now have to run an add to see if anyone is willing to be on call to watch him if he does loose it.
I have to work to pay the bills. I've been warned that this is to stop by my boss because I cant have him with me at work. They wont allow it.
Its times like this I wish I had a family that was there for me and I wish that I had a husband that did the right thing by me. I hate being alone.

Antonio is walking now... yeay..... yep its true. His what... 14mths old now and finally walking. The cheeky baba also likes to tell everyone to "get" and "out". He loves his cars too. Pushes them around all the time. Hasn't quiet mastered the running yet, but that's not far away.

Ben's been doing his newspaper drops and hates doing it. But is beginning to work out that he can get money to buy what ever he wants. Tells me he don't want to do it any more ( I do most of it) but he wont stop till he has brought this and this and this. The list is getting bigger. I'll let you know when the list has run out.

Rose and Josh are doing great they are doing well at school.
Joshs manners when we go shopping are improving. Which is a good thing. Sam showed signs of improvement with this too.
Round of a clap for this effort. Now next time with luck it will be better.
It sounds bad I know but I'm keeping it real. We all had to learn at some stage to go shopping. Some learn quick, others like those two boys take awhile. How many times have we seen parents walk out and leave there shopping because of toilet training or a tantrum.
No one is immune.

On a personal level I have been sick for a few days now. Went to the docs and have to get more tests. They picked up a irreguarity in my heart beat so I have to get more tests.
I've been at work and missed out on work today. I love going to work.
Not cool!! Don't see very many people and I hate being on my own. My few friends are from the net. I don't have many of those either. But anyways.
One day maybe Ill get to go out more and meet people and maybe get married like I wanted to with my ex right.
In the mean time the only person I can count on is myself.
If I'm going to ever get a house to live in or a van I have to work my fingers to the bone. Just like my ancestors did.
Well I got to go now. More pamphlet and newspaper runs to be done. They don't wait for sick people.

Till next time... Ciao

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Business as usual

So what do you know??
Me that all is well. Things are going to plan with a few upsets along the way..... But hey, That's life!

School holidays are coming up soon and with that vacation care..... The time when parents are asked to open there wallets more than usual to keep the lil ones happy while you go to work.
My son is already informing me of vacation care excursions that he wants to take and my budget is saying.... " Not now please, I don't want to know!!!" Poor budget!! Tell the kids that!
Unfortunately for them I lost the house keys in the green waste at the dump during routine clean ups.
This meant after 3hrs on the mobile and no guarantee that the house would not be open for a week ( rental). The police told me the only way in was to break the door down. ( security screens).
So I had to smash the door in. I cried. I can deal with a huge range of crises including gun shots and accident scenes but I could not handle having to break in to my own house!!! That was the sin of all sins.
Needless to say our cleaning exercise cost about AU$500 after that. OUCH......

I'm now starting to work on a larger scale and that means paper work on Mondays driving 10hrs tues to fri and house work in the evenings and weekends. I also help my son with pamphlet and news paper runs mon tue wed fri sat and sun as well...
That's business for you and if we ever want to get anywhere in life we don't have much choice.

Josh is showing signs of social issues at preschool with his peers and we are referring him to get new assessments to see what it is... I think he is ADHD but my step mum says he's showing signs of aspergers syndrome ( low level autism).

Antonio has been sick with a mystery illness but is getting better. I missed out on a few days work because of this ( and lots of sleep). Hopefully he will be back at day care tomorrow so I can make some money to put food on the table ( and pay some of those dreaded bills).

The other children are good and Sam wants to go to his friends bday party I have to see as his is Interlectually impaired and I cant take his brothers with me so I have to see if they will make allowances for him.

Well I have to go now got work to do and forms to sign....
Get some more house work done before work tomorrow will be good too...

So until next time..... Ciao.